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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Mormon Musical is Here

Three previews of Parker and Stone's Book of Mormon, about to start previews on Broadway next week: the Times, Slate, and uber-blogger/South Park groupie Andrew Sullivan. (It will also be the feature theatre article in Sunday Times' Arts & Leisure.)

Personally I'm looking forward. Big fan of theirs. But all their "atheist's love letter to religion" pr aside, am I the only one expecting huge Fox News-fueled controversy?  Worse yet, I fear Mitt Romney will use this spoofing of his religion into a crusade to jump-start his zombie candidacy and turn himself into some culture warrior.

Not that I want to give these folks any ideas.  But you heard it here first...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Saw the preview on Saturday, 26th. Fantastic! Stunning performances by all and the audience could not have been more pleased! Cheering through out the show and a rousing standing ovation at the end. It's what a musical should be.

And I agree, I hope the 'ol Mit doesn't jump on the band wagon.