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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Madoff Play Back On in DC

You may recall last year a prominent theatrical dustup at Theatre J in Washington over Deb Margolin's topical play Imagining Madoff when Elie Wiesel didn't care for being represented in it, threatened action, and the playwright withdrew the work rather than cave to his demands.

Well it looks like playwright and theatre have made up now and the show will now go on at Theatre J, opening their fall season. But with the Wiesel character renamed and made more obviously fictional. (Margolin had agreed to that change last year, but objected to even her revised script being subject to Wiesel's approval.)

I guess we can't expect Elie to show at the opening night party, eh?

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Anonymous said...

On the topic of real public figures being represented onstage, I thought I might bring this to your attention, which I think I first heard about from you when you mentioned it a year or more ago: Its "Say it Ain't So, Joe," the Sarah Palin/Joe Biden opera, which premiered in Boston a while back but which there doesn't seem to be any recording of. I found that they ARE planning to record it, and are raising funds for it here: