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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are Celebrities Good for the Tonys?

Former Playgoer guest-blogger Suzy Evans has graduated to the big time at Backstage and has an article out about questions over whether Hollywood folks hog the Tony Awards.

Does she interview and quote me? Yes. Is it a good article anyway? Absolutely!

(And what I say may surprise you...)

By the way, Walter Bobbie said in Saturday's Times (in a Nina Arianda profile) something similar to something I say in the piece about Broadway vs Hollywood--but better put. In Broadway casting it's no longer a question of are you a "star." It's: are you a celebrity.

1 comment:

Matt said...

First, nice comments. My knowledge of theatre history says you're right.

But Reidel is wrong. It seems to me that if you're a film star (I don't mean celebrity), and especially in a new production, you get nominated. I'm thinking of Daniel Radcliff and Ben Stiller, neither of who had talked about performances in their plays (except for Radcliff's, whose was talked about but not in a good way). And I saw Robin Williams. He was good, but good enough to win our Oscar? Not really.

Are we that naive to think that these aren't given to people whose nomination can guarantee increased viewership among those who normally would not watch?