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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I don’t think I can support myself as a playwright at this point."

-Tony Kushner

Find out what he means in this week's Time Out.

If he can't, geez....


Jack Worthing said...

Richard Nelson does. I'm not sure I can think of anyone else.

Playgoer said...

Really? Nelson? Much as I admire him, his titles are hardly box office draws... And doesn't he teach? Because that of course is the more common day job than Spielberg, Inc. Screenwriter.

Jack Worthing said...

He taught at Yale for 3 years out of interest, not necessity, but he doesn't teach anymore. He'd made his living on plays for some 30 years before that and continues to do so. Doesn't come from money, either. He's written *a lot* - few smash hits but certain titles never disappear from the amateur/school circuit (CHESS, THE DEAD, MADAME MELVILLE, GOODNIGHT CHILDREN EVERYWHERE), plus many, many, many translations.

Jack Worthing said...

Nelson is naturally prolific but he's always said if he didn't write a lot his kids wouldn't eat. Bless Tony but there's really no need to have taken 20 years on HENRY BOX BROWN, is there?