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Saturday, June 04, 2011

St. Ann's, Post-Warehouse

Things are looking a wee bit dicey now for the future of St. Ann's Warehouse, that primo Brooklyn venue for hipster theatre and Euro imports:

Scheduled to lose its 14,000-square-foot home next May because of commercial development, St. Ann’s thought its long-term future was secure after the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation approved the theater’s plans to move across the street after renovating the old Tobacco Warehouse on the Dumbo neighborhood’s waterfront. But some Brooklyn civic groups oppose handing over that landmark ruin — a shell of a 19th-century building, mainly walls but no roof — to any single organization, and in April the groups won a court decision on a technical issue that probably will preserve the Tobacco Warehouse as an open neighborhood site for the next few years, at least....
After the artistic staff and board members of St. Ann’s fixed their sights last year on the Tobacco Warehouse, they gave up developing a Plan B for a future home. 

And what's with that mention in the article of PS122 potentially being in the same boat? True?

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Playgoer said...

Re: P.S.122... I now see the reason they need a TEMPORARY new home next season is for renovations. Whew!