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Monday, January 30, 2012

Surprisingly Decent Theatrical Satire

Normally I find any pop culture take on theatre to be oddly distorted.  But, catching up with a recent SNL rerun this weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find not one, but two very funny playgoing sketches.

Yes, the one-man show has been parodied to death, but I just can't resist Fred Armisen's riff on the old cliches. ("Tommy Palmese tells his life story through characters!")

(apologies for the ads)

And while this send-up of War Horse (the play, not movie) may be off target about the play, it certainly is spot on about Lincoln Center audiences...

1 comment:

Monty Cole said...

I love that the writers were thinking, "Jeez, War Horse is mostly spectacle. How the heck is this "Tony Winning Best Play" gonna do in regional theatres? I think it's hilarious.