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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Whatever Happened to Playgoer?

Forgive me Blogger, for I have sinned. It has been two years since my last post.

Actually I feel compelled to finally add something since the sight of that random April 2013 entry on the home page just made this seem like Playgoer suddenly vaporized without wrapping things up. (Dead Blog Pinging?) So here's an attempt...

For the last two years I've been teaching full time, so that has been my main focus. But I have still published the occasional article or essay. Such as...

Two book reviews for American Theatre magazine of major new publications on that iconic team of Tennessee Williams and Elia Kazan. First, the new collection of Kazan letters (hilarious), and, second, the new John Lahr Tennessee Williams biography (massively depressing).

Also, the new augustly titled Oxford Handbook of Sondheim Studies includes my essay on Sondheim's last musical (to date, that is), Road Show--yes, a.k.a Bounce, a.k.a. Wise Guys, a.k.a. never-made-it-to-Broadway and thus forgotten. But I grew quite fond of this dark chamber musical in the course of writing my chapter, so I recommend a second look at the show, if not a first!

Hmmm, so what else has been going on.... Oh yeah, I had a baby.  Or my wife did. So, yeah, it's been that kind of two-year gap.

It would be nice one day to resume blogging. Then again, I hear blogging is dead. (So 2006!) So we'll see.

(Meanwhile, miraculously, theatre is still alive.)

The Playgoer archive is here to stay, unless Google shuts me down for inactivity. So hopefully people will still happen upon old rants and comment-wars from the past. Ah, good times....

Funny how when I started Playgoer in May, 2005, I figured I was just typing into a void. And now, ten years later, I'm pretty sure I am once again. But, hey, if you're out there, go ahead and comment! Especially if you've got any advice on what to do with this enterprise. Or if you've got a writing gig for me! (Did I mention I have a child to support now?)

Peace be upon you all, and happy playgoing!


Scott said...

And here I thought I'd never see this pop up in my RSS feed reader again.

George Hunka said...

Peace to you too. I think the blogging slowed not because it's old school (though it is), but because most of us have kids now. It certainly does have a way of setting your priorities, doesn't it? Anyway, good to see you back -- and I think I may have a possible writing gig for you.

Playgoer said...

Thank you, guys. But, Scott-- what is this "RSS Feed" you mention?

Christopher Shinn said...

Long live Playgoer!