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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Live Nude Blogging

As in exposed, of course...

So if you're in or around Williamsburg this Sunday night and have always wondered what people typing at computer keyboards looks like, please come to the Brick Theatre for their "Impending Theatrical Blogging Event." Yes, for some crazy reason, the Brick has invited yours truly and a bevy of boisterous bloggers to sit and do our thing in front of a live audience.

And with your help, there just may be a live audience.

One can only pray alcohol will be involved.

And it's free! Or a $2 reservation fee on Theatermania, if you wanna be extra, extra sure you beat out the massive throng that will no doubt turn out.

The Brick is at: 575 Metropolitan Avenue, btw Union Ave. and Lorimer. It's an "intimate venue."

I have no idea what we'll be blogging about. I understand there will be one big screen and audience members will be invited to chime in.

Of course, there's already blog for the event. So if you can't (or just don't want to!) come Sunday, bookmark that site and--voila--you can play along with the home version. This site will be what we're blogging on I'm assuming.

Why do I feel this is someone's secret plan to get all the theatre bloggers in a room and eliminate us?

In thanks to the Brick, let me plug their current Pretentious Festival, of which this event--not surprisingly--is a part. They have a blog, too!

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