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Saturday, July 12, 2008

How Not the Steal A Folio

From the Times:

A 17th-century Shakespeare volume valued at $30 million, stolen from a university a decade ago, has been recovered, The Associated Press reported. On Tuesday police officers in England arrested a man in connection with the theft. The arrest followed an incident two weeks ago when a man brought the book, a First Folio from 1623, the first collection of Shakespeare’s plays, to the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington to have it authenticated. Members of the library staff alerted the F.B.I.
That's like stealing the Mona Lisa and trying to sell it to the Met.

Update from the UK press: Despite telling the Folger he was "an international businessman who had acquired the volume in Cuba," turns out the guy is just "an eccentric loner who lived alone with his elderly mother, Hannah."

What fools these mortals be....


Anonymous said...

Lives with his mother, Hannah, and claimed to be from Havannah. Will would appreciate the pun.

PeonInChief said...

Worldwide, the criminal class really needs critical thinking skills.