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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hanne Hiob

Interesting Brecht footnote...

Hanne Hiob, Brecht's daughter from his first marriage (to Marianne Zoff), just died. She was born in 1923, just as Brecht's career was taking off.

She went on to become an actress herself and, after retirement, a peace activist.


Playgoer said...

How out of it I am to not notice that another (and more famous) of Brecht's children also recently died, back in April: the author Stefan Brecht, who I believe was also the chief executor of the estate?

Who's minding the store now, anyone know?

(Interesting biographical note that Stefan, Brecht's son with Helene Weigel was born in 1924, just a year after Hanne was born to his first wife. Hmm....)

Anonymous said...

Finding out how thoughts & creative genious come to pass are fun. because it allows the crowds to partially see how the creative spirit was formed.

But wondering how someone became a father "just a year after they split from their first wife is being a muckraker". I guess they got a new wife and kid the same way your ancestors did it, getting a divorce or just walking out.

Are we discussing what works of are his & his offspring created, or how many kids his grandpa "produced". Im SMH (scratching my head). Thats why some * Will Never Be Known For Their Talents*. They are too busy ivestigating who their "Targets Grandaddys Slept With". Geeesh.