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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

108 Productions (re)presents "Corpus Christi"

In the spirit of giving thanks I'd like to share a moving comment I received the other day on a year-old post about the ongoing arguments and ignorance about the Terrence McNally play Corpus Christi. It's from the director of the LA-based revival that played New York last year and was the target of yet another preposterous--though at least quieter--hate campaign, one that used the New York Times as an enabler.

Yes, Mr. Arnzen says nice things about me, but I wish to put the spotlight on the brave efforts of his company in soldiering on with controversial work.

I make a point of trying to avoid all comments on shows I am currently working on. Or at least not taking what I see too much too heart. If you believe the good you need to believe the bad as well. So I just came across this blog. Fantastic coverage of a hateful attack on this innocent and kind hearted play. Thank you for your incredible, honest, passionate and soul filled voice. The play has not suffered and though the NYC run last fall was meant to be the grand finale of a three year run the show is actually still playing and has recently picked up more steam than ever. After playing in Orange County just below Los Angeles and receiving our first real visible protest the show has a long list of possible venues that want to bring the production to them. Aside from that list there are final details being worked out for the show to play in London, Paris, a UK tour, back to San Francisco, Acapulco and even Corpus Christi TX itself. An exciting time for us all and word like yours reaffirm how important it is we continue our journey even though to this date we have yet to be financially compensated for our hard work. The spiritual fulfillment we receive has proven to be enough for my cast and crew over the past few years and looks to continue that way for the year (or years) to come.
Keep speaking the truth,

Nic Arnzen
108 Productions
Good that the production continues to have a life and continues to find an audience despite the hate- and fear-mongers. I'll give thanks to that.

(By the way, if you missed the original post--or were just, understandably, put off by its length!--may I commend it to you as one of the most thorough arguments I've made on this blog about how to fight both censorship and media ignorance about the arts. So if you're looking for some longer reading for those travel delays or as a getaway from the family dinner table this weekend, here it is.)

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