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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


-Cate Blanchett arrives in New York this weekend play Blanche DuBois at BAM in a trouring production from her company in Australia. NY Mag has an interview with her and director Liv Ullmann(!)

-Everyone wants in on some summer Fringe action! Even London now, as if Edinburgh, the ur-Fringe, wasn't enough for the UK.

-In the Voice, Alexis Soloski asks the question that everyone in downtown NY wonders secretly but never says: could the legendary LaMama go on without its ageless doyenne Ellen Stewart?

-Last month I raved in Time Out about the new "Emperor Jones" revival at Irish Rep. (My first five stars!) I was regretting so few would probably get to see this terrific revival of some "unrevivable" O'Neill. But now they're lucky enough to be transferring to a longer commercial Off Broadway run, at least until the end of January.

-The movie "Me and Orson Welles"--which depicts Welles' legendary 1930s Julius Caesar staging--opens in NY and LA today, and A.O. Scott's review actually makes it sound promising! You can check out some clips and other fun stuff on the film's site.

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Playgoer said...

Oops. Not so fast maybe on that Emperor Jones update. Looks like someone else may already have the theatre booked. Awk-ward!