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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Subsidized Actor Training

It's not an MFA program but the Portland Actors Conservatory can now at least boast substantial scholarships:

Portland Actors Conservatory is now authorized to disburse up to a projected $107,000 in Federal funding for students admitted to its Two Year Conservatory program upon completion of that FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). One year after the Board of Directors voted to begin the application process, the Conservatory has received its first disbursement of Title IV funds from Federal Financial Aid.

“Providing federal financial aid increases the accessibility of our Conservatory program immeasurably,” said Nurella Doumitt, executive director. “A fulltime study of acting is now possible for a great number of people for whom it would have been previously unthinkable.”

The projected funds allow for a financial aid award of up to $14,850 per student. This sum covers the $8,500 annual tuition, as well as living, travel, books, and other expenses.
Of course, the goal of an MFA actor should always be to get a "free ride" out of the school. But those offers are, of course very, very competitive. So this is an attractive alternative, especially for actors who already are or want to make a career in the Northwest.


Anonymous said...

It's a great plan, and more actors should pursue these types of deals instead of going in to major debt before they even begin. Furthermore, a lot of programs that audition through U/RTA offer tuition waivers and stipends, etc., as well as large university programs elsewhere.

Jessica Wallenfels said...

Thanks Playgoer! FYI, Portland Actors Conservatory hopes to offer an MFA program with similar financial aid in the next few years. And we will be at the URTA open calls in Chicago Feb 1-3!

For more info on the Conservatory:

Anonymous said...

Just what we need... more actors. yikes!