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Friday, December 04, 2009

Today's Roundup

-Show with the buzz at the moment in NY is Cate Blanchett's visiting production of Streetcar Named Desire from her Australian company. Critic-O-Meter says? B+. Skim the reviews.

-San Diego's Old Globe adds a snazzy new 2nd space, education center, and restaurant. Not bad for lean times.

-Variety gives more details on the Oleanna closing. Bottom line: Bill Pullman and Julia Stiles are apparently no longer "stars."

-Playwrights take note: "West London’s Bush Theatre has this week launched a pioneering social networking website which allows playwrights to post their work online for producers and directors to read and commission." Can it happen here? Should it? (The Bush, by the way, has the rep as one of the BEST London theatres for new writing.)


Tom Shea said...

"Bill Pullman and Julia Styles are apparently no longer "stars.""

It's "Stiles." So there's your proof, I suppose.

Playgoer said...

True. She has no Style.

Apologies, and corrected.