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Friday, April 02, 2010


-Confirmed: Roundabout's solution to its current mess of a season is to bring more autobiography solo-show in one of their big empty Broadway houses.  Sherie Rene Scott's Everyday Rapture is coming to Broadway--whether Roundabout subscribers like it or not.

-Will we start seeing some mergers of financially beleaguered companies soon?  One now being reported as imminent in the NYC dance-theatre world: Bill T. Jones (currently flying high with back-to-back Broadway plaudits for Spring Awakening and now Fela) will join his eponymous dance troupe with the equally illustrious Dance Theatre Workshop.  Any chance of this catching on the "legit" theatre?  Can you think of any two companies that would make a good fit?

-One of NYC's two big Off Broadway awards, the Lortels, just announced their nominations for 2009-2010.

-The Goodman's premiere of Rebecca Gilman's supersized "A True History of the Johnstown Flood" directed by Robert Falls, gets some big buzz from the Trib's Chris Jones.  Is this the next big play out of Chicago?

-Headline of the day, courtesy of LA Times' Culture Monster: "National Tour of '101 Dalmations' is Put Down."  Having been frightened by this poster at a commuter rail station recently, I can see why...


Unknown said...

The answer to your question about Johnstown Flood is "No."

Mr. K said...

Yeah, what you probably didn't notice is that Chris Jones' initial review was actually pretty harsh. I wonder if Jones was asked to walk back that review.