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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Portable Off B'way Subscription: It's Here!

Four NYC-based nonprofit companies--okay, not quite the biggest ones--are finally offering a kind of joint/flexible subscription package.  Reports Playbill:

The Civilians, The Talking Band, The Rude Mechs and The Exchange have aligned to allow theatregoers to purchase a season subscription package highlighting their respective seasons.
Ari Edelson, artistic director of The Exchange, conceived of the subscription pass that provides individuals with four show credits that can be used to attend works by each of the participating companies.

The credits can be used toward four tickets to one performance of a particular show, or for one ticket to each of the four productions. The Xpass also allows for other flexible combinations that permit users to share credits with one another. Each four-credit pass is $85. Individual tickets for all four shows would total $130. An iPhone application is also set to launch that will include additional program materials, behind-the-scenes information, multimedia and nearby restaurants.
All, actually, are worthy companies.  And the Civilians are downright famous.

Baby steps, sure.  But it's gotta start somewhere.  And at $21.25 a ticket, not a bad start.


Playgoer said...

Playbill seems to have mistakenly referred to the NYC-based "Rude Mechanicals" as "Rude Mechs," which is another troupe from Austin, TX.

Timothy Childs said...

Not bad at all indeed! $21 for a ticket to any of these companies' productions is more than reasonable -- and may be enough incentive to get way more butts in the seats.

- Timothy Childs