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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sondheim at the Office

In case you missed last week's The Office--devoted to Andy's appearance in a Scranton community theatre's Sweeney Todd--here's a quickie overview:

Full episode here.  Catnip for theatre lovers--a veritable laundry list of do's, dont's, and miscellaneous backstage lore.

Such as:

-Creed reviving the old critics' tradition of "phoning in" your review
-Michael auditioning with a one-man Law & Order episode
-an actor's cell phone going off on stage
-and why you should never bring either glass bottles and/or balloons into the house.


Matt said...

the Creed bit felt like a special treat for people who do things like, uh, read a blog called theplaygoer.

Playgoer said...

Ha! Indeed I did feel that bit was just for me. Especially since he's phoning it in before the show even ends-- in keeping with old deadline pressures.

Timothy Childs said...

Y'know, I actually had someone call this episode offensive, claiming it belittled community theatre and made fun of musicals. Has anyone else had this response??

Personally, I think it's a severe (and ludicrous) misinterpretation.

- Timothy Childs