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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tennessee would be proud

Everyone, of course, is asking Playgoer, what happened to Christian Slater? And what are the ramifications of his arrest for a drunken ass-groping of a random upper east sider...for the already strange and troubled Broadway revival of The Glass Menagerie?

Well it is for such burning questions that one swallows one's pride and registers for the New York Post online. (Yes the Times has it, too, but they just can't compete in these areas.)

Slater did indeed go on last night as Tom Wingfield after his overnight incarceration and arraignment. (Only the Post bothered to cover this aspect.) According to accounts, it took this whiff of such Williams-esque decadent-yet-pathetic self-destructive offstage shenanigans to finally give some life to the production!

A random playgoer interviewed by the Post put it best: "His performance was terrific, especially because he was arrested."

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