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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I was lying there naked, and they decided to kick me and step on me, just like these visions you see in Iraq.
-Suzanne Somers inveighing against the NY critics for not appreciating her one-woman show, The Girl in the Thunderbird. (as quoted by Michael Reidel). Yes, that Suzanne Somers.

Reidel adds, "It's significant, Somers believes, that the one decent review she got was from
Linda Winer of Newsday, the only woman among New York's top theater critics." Might be a fair point, one that Winer herself has drawn attention to about her lone support of other female dramatists. But I hope Reidel realizes that while the NY Sun's Helen Shaw may be young (as is the Sun itself) the sisterhood is growing. (And, for the record, she didn't seem to like Suzanne either.)

All I can say is-- Don't worry, Suzanne, there's always the Tonys. As long as no more than three other celebrities don't do similar vanity projects, you're guaranteed a shot at Special Theatrical Event!

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Playgoer said...

Alas, yes. At least among the major papers. Even worse, it really was just one (Winer) until Shaw started just last month. I guess you can add some of the V.Voice and NY Times second-stringers, and Roma Tore on the New York One cable channel...What's the case in London? I imagine the dynamics are different from having many more daily reviewers that "count" than we have.