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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Arts & Leisure watch: 8/26

No reason to read the up close and personal with Jill Clayburgh. Unless you want to read about the apartment she's staying in! What can one say, when the Roundabout casts a "star" the Times dutifully fawns.

But a hearty and genuine kudos (really!) to Charles Isherwood--and his editors--for his exhaustive dispatch from Dublin on Garry Hynes's cycle of the complete Synge plays for her Druid Theatre Company. Some nice descriptive criticism here, making this Playgoer, at least, eager to delve beyond Playboy of the Western World... Prediction: if this event does ever come to New York, it won't be in some educational non-profit setting, with plentiful discounts and supplementary dramaturgical learning aids, but instead some maverick producer will see an opportunity to make a buck off the Irish and charge $150, or more with the corn beef & cabbage dinner package.

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