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Friday, August 05, 2005

Playgoer sells out

Yes, those are indeed ads you see today to your right. But thanks to the steadily increasing readership, perhaps it is time for Playgoer to move into the realm of potential self-sustainability. Hence these little "Google Ads" which are suppsedly programmed to be "content specific" and will hopefully offer useful theatre-related services. ("Noh masks," anyone?) Also, note the Amazon box at top right, where I can recommend thematically linked books, videos, etc. I'll try to update that often. (This week's, as you can see, is Paul Schrader's fine and forgotten film Mishima, exploring the man's life and work. Not a documentary, and lavishly filmed and scored--by Philip Glass.)

Who knows, perhaps with these ads Playgoer won't have to review from the cheap seats anymore! Thanks for your visits, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Selling out? Nah, technologically experimental. I mean, will you make even a penny more than your basic costs to run this site? I wish you cash-a-plenty.

Anonymous said...

Mishima is a fine film to be hawking. Many distinctions: its four-part structure, its use of material from 3 Mishima novels, its incredible, theatrical settings by Eiko Ishioka... not to mention the Philip Glass score, as Playgoer mentioned.