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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Keep a' commentin'

Playgoer, for the record, does like reader comments. If you're put off by the number of comments seemingly "removed by the blog administrator" rest assured, your humble administrator has not just gone cranky. And neither has he been receiving uncontrollable hatemail from Margo Jefferson, William Niederkorn, the creative team of Lennon and the entire Tony Awards committee.

No, alas, Playgoer has only become the victim of really annoying "comment spam," a new disease afflicting susceptible blog sites. Thankfully, the folks at Google Blogger have offered a kind of screening process to prevent this: word verification. You've probably encountered this before (Ticketmaster, etc). So hopefully the extra step of typing a short random word won't deter you from continuing the kind of scintillating comments that keep the level of dialogue here on Playgoer so high.

In the words of two old wise men: Thank you for your continued support.

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