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Friday, January 13, 2006

Quote of the Day

"Journalist may not use text produced by Amanda Peet for any purposes other than what is originally intended without securing the prior permission of Amanda Peet... Journalist agrees not to publish any quotes supplied by Amanda Peet in any manner without obtaining Amanda Peet's prior written consent."

-Amanda Peet (via her publicist) restricting interviews at the meet & greet for the upcoming B'way Barefoot in the Park revival.

And who said movie stars are the answer to saving theatre? Quoth the desperate theatre publicist: "As a rule, it's much harder to get press for a play than it is a movie or a television show, so you're happy to get press wherever and whenever you can." Indeed, the joke is the handlers don't realize all Broadway press is puffery anyway.

Michael Riedel has those and more amusing highlights from this Hollywood-meets-Broadway encounter. Including: "A correspondent for a Broadway Web site who was shooting some video of the 34-year-old Peet was ordered to stop because the angle of the shot had not been preapproved." Really, I don't even have a video camera. Honest.

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