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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Both Sides

Ok, I'm a theatre person. Not a MidEast expert. So I will admit I am unqualified to evaluate the claims on the real-life Rachel Corrie story being made by both sides of that struggle. I am unable to give you the final word on the significance of bulldozers, tunnels, human shields, and borders from '49, '67, or '73. But such doubts do not dissuade me one bit from defending a theatre's right to put on this play if they want to. (And I suppose that "if" is the whole question here.)

But at least here's a sampling of views on Rachel Corrie, on stage and off, from an Israeli hardliner, an Israeli moderate, an Arab-American moderate and Al-Jazeera. A slight and random sampling, admittedly. But in this day and age one can get some "context" in even 1o minutes!

Anyway, good to know what some of these political issues floating around the play are.

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Anonymous said...

mmmm... Al-Jazeera is typically considered the most liberal (in the sense of free speech and debate to a degree) of Arab news outlets, not necessarily "hardline"