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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oscar-Winner supports Corrie

Philip Seymour Hoffman adds his voice, sort of. From Public Radio WNYC, via Rachel's Words:

Controversy in the theater world has been building on blogs and in public statements ever since the New York Theater Workshop announced late last month that they were postponing their production of “My Name is Rachel Corrie”.
REPORTER: ...Last night saw one of the first gatherings of members of the New York theater community concerned about the fate of the play. Members of the Labyrinth theater company met at the Lower East Side’s Stillwater bar, across the Street from the New York Theater Workshop, to read from some of Rachel Corrie’s emails in what they described as a neutral setting.
About 15 people attended the reading including actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, an artistic director at the Labyrinth Theater. He, like many other members of the dramatic community, was curious to learn more about the play at the root of the
HOFFMAN: It would be great to actually read what the piece is. I
think that’s what a lot of us want to know exactly. Is it as inflammatory as it
seems to be? From what’s happened I guess it is, because this is happening.

Hmm. Doesn't Mr. Hoffman co-run an adventurous off-b'way theatre company of his own?

(Hat tip, reader Deborah)

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