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Monday, March 20, 2006

Tragic Summer?

I have to admit to some eager anticipation over what's brewing at the Delacorte this summer for Shakespeare in the Park.

Liev Schreiber? Now, Jennifer Ehle?? Moises Kaufman directing??? Sign me up. Then again, though... it's Macbeth. Oh well.

And don't forget Mother Courage with Meryl Streep, directed by George Wolfe. (Translation by Tony Kushner.) There's all kinds of reasons that could be great, or terrible. (Brecht in the Park???) But I do hope I won't have to camp out at 4am again, like for the last Streep outing there, The Seagull. And I definitely won't if Natalie Portman is in this, too!


Anonymous said...

Most people have never seen a good Macbeth. Why is this? Why don't you like the play, Playgoer?

Isn't Moises a docu-theater guy? Macbeth should be a real challenge for him, the play is pure narrative.

Mother Courage -- Streep/Wolfe/Kushner -- wow! And hey Natalie Portman wasn't so bad in The Seagull. With her shaved head, she could make a good gender-bent Swiss Cheese.

Larissa said...

yeah, what's your beef with McB?

Playgoer said...

Actually my point was the same as Anon's--I really love the play itself. It just inevitably always makes for an awful night of theatre. Truly, it must be cursed!

But if anyone could shake it up it would be Moises. So between him and Liev, my hopes are up. I only wish they were doing it in a cool intimate space, not that over-miked ampitheatre not even fit for bad summer folk festivals.

Larissa said...

Yeah, the Delacorte's annoying. love the idea, love free tix, hate the mikes, the damn sky changing, the park walkers stumbling stupidly over that little hill behind the stage, the general assault on one's attention span that is the shakespeare in the park experience.

T said...

If you go to Macbeth, we'd love a review!