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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

NYTW presents "Columbinus"

Finally it's announced. More info on the show here.

It's hard to believe this could only have been decided today or yesterday, since it starts previews in 4 weeks! I guess that's the nice thing about remounts...

I truly await this show with an open mind as to its content and inherent value. Interesting to note, though, it is not one of the four shows originally listed as "under consideration" to fill out the season.

This is closure of a sort. Damage assessed by canceling "Rachel Corrie"? For one, theatre was dark from March 22 to May 5.

PS: For more read the Playbill story. Interesting the Columbinus is another "documentary" play.

PPS: The blogger "arcticactor" was apparently an actor/collaborator in the original "Columbinus" production/workshop. His account seems to suggest NYTW decided on "Columbinus" almost simultaneously with pulling "Corrie." I may be misreading it, but if so, I wonder what's taken six weeks to make it official?

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