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Friday, April 07, 2006

PREview: Threepenny Opera

Last night I saw a preview of the Roundabout's new Threepenny Opera. I've decided not to review it yet since it struck me as clearly still "in previews" and it doesn't open till April 20.

But I will say this. It may be a hit or it may be a critical disaster. But it is actually, surprisingly, good. Oh the Brechtians will find much to object to, no doubt. This production does indeed take chances and reinterprets the show for the times but, to my mind, it is not a sell-out. Some choices are clearly more successful than others. At this point, at least. But I am actually impressed with the adventurousness of Scott Elliott's production. It is the bravest work he, or the Roundabout, have done yet.

I plan to revisit the show in the summer. I may feel like posting more before then. Especially if the reviews are informative about what was cut or added during previews. But I look forward to seeing it again.

For now, off to Barnard. Hope to post some notes on the panel by the end of the day, or else tomorrow morning.

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