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Monday, April 10, 2006

Rebeck & NYTW

To tie together last week's two main stories here:

One of the plays still listed as "under consideration" for NYTW's next show (still unannounced) happens to be The Scene by Theresa Rebeck--the very play Charles Isherwood praised for being the only palatable work at the recent Humana Festival in Louisville--palatable precisely because its genre and idiom were the most familiar and conventional. As many of you pointed out, this was an unsettling statement to hear from the New York Times. Well, downtown's heretofore most experimental theatre company must have its sights set on it.

BTW, among the other "under considerations" is still the new Naomi Wallace play. Wallace was mentioned during Friday's Barnard panel as being yet another playwright who has encountered resistance to writing about the Palestinians. We'll see if Nicola goes to her again, in spite of--or because of?--this history.

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