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Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Corrie" in Vancouver

On the other side of the border, but very much of that Pacific Northwest culture from which Rachel Corrie emerged, the Neworld Theatre of Vancouver attained the rights to present a reading of "My Name of Rachel Corrie" last week, in advance of a full production down the road. According to this write-up, it seems interesting in combining a sense of community theatre (in the best sense) with an experimental sensibility expanding the play beyond a typical one-woman show.

for this reading, the company decided to parcel out Corrie’s words to a group of 11 community-based actors, ranging in age from 11 to 60. The effect was powerful and moving, underscoring the broader resonances of Corrie’s uniquely personal story.

Again, whatever the merits of MNIRC as political theatre, the fact is political communities seem hungry for material to rally around and stage.

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PeonInChief said...

I had thought, on my first reading of MNiRC, that it would have to be done with more characters to make it work for student productions (the idea there being to get at least several students on stage), and that student/community productions are the most likely once the novelty wears off.

Don't worry, Playgoer. I'll refrain from reviewing my second reading of MNiRC on your blog. At this point, I've just been too busy to do another reading of it, and if I do write anything, it's best not to clutter up your blog with it.