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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Slings & Arrows" on DVD

As close readers here may have picked up on, a certain Canadian tv series has crept its way into theatre lovers hearts in these parts, as least those of us who have the Sundance channel. Sure "Slings and Arrows" is just a tv show, sure, and not particularly challenging or subversive... But how many tv shows will we have in our lifetime about a theatre company? And--since we're talking Canada--about a nonprofit repertory state theatre!

Well Sundance-less theatrelovers, sigh no more. The DVD box set of Season One is imminent. Pre-order yours in the Amazon box above.

And, yes, for better or worse, much of the creative team is also responsible for "The Drowsy Chaperone." If Don McKellar's writing contribution to that is half as great as his Eurotrash director-from-hell performance in "Slings," then I really should give that musical a chance.

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June said...

Playgoer, if you want more evidence that Drowsy Chaperone is worth your time (and Broadway-level money), check out this American Theatre Wing seminar.

There's even a very short discussion of Slings & Arrows.