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Monday, July 31, 2006

To Equity or Not to Equity

John Moore of the Denver Post offers a revealing economic analysis of a common dilemma for the professional actor (and theatre company) in the heartland. I think we want a professionally paid and union-protected corps of actors across the country. And we want communities to be able to sustain such a pool of actors by offering more than one Equity mega-company, encouraging more Lort D's and "Letter-of-Agreement" theatres if they have to, to supplement the job opportunities.

But are the obstacles still outweighing the incentives for actors and theatres to join? The fact that Moore is talking about Denver, a big city, is not good news.


Kevin Ashworth said...

As an Equity Membership Candidate outside of New York, I clicked on that link faster than any other in the history of my reading your blog. Thanks for pointing to it.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone think of a precedent for a theatre company mounting "supporting activities" for a show playing at another (unaffiliated) theatre?

Playgoer, I hope you keep a close eye on these "supporting activities." Sounds like a euphemism for "running interference" to me.

Playgoer said...

I believe Cashmere's comment above was meant to appear under another post: