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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blogging from the Delacorte

Live from the Delacorte Theatre, Central Park, 1:30pm:

(Via the new Central Park wi-fi access!)

Just been rewarded for my 5 hour wait this morning with my two Mother Courage tix. When I got here at 7:45am, there were already 200 lined up. And this is 2nd preview. I'm glad to say at least another 200 behind me also seemed to get tickets. So for this week, at least, it seems that 9:30-10am is the latest possible cutoff. Just FYI.

Wi-fi or no, my battery is giving way now, so that'll probably be all for today. But tune in tomorrow for more info on this whole "Summer Sponsor" deal. (Hint: the Public has responded to my questions.)

I'm sitting right outside Entrance Gate 4, house left, listening to what sounds like a musical touch-up rehearsal. (1st preview last night, remember.)...Expect a review tomorrow? Well, it is previews. So we'll see. I may withold until I get a sense of what may have changed or improved over by opening. But I don't expect to be doing this wait again!

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to this. How could one not.

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Larissa said...

Oh Worthy Playgoer, keep us in suspense no longer! Review! Review! Review!