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Thursday, August 10, 2006

CT Deaf Theatre saga continues

A Times update today on the financial travails of the National Theater of the Deaf, which the Connecticut legislature attempted to bail out. Turns out the company somehow now owes the NEA(!) who is jumping in to claim those emergency funds. What a mess.

As the article mentions, the actress who plays the mute Katrin in the current Mother Courage is an alum of a similar West Coast company Deaf West.

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PeonInChief said...

The Dems can be idiots, but the Republicans seem to have some weird problem when it comes to programs and services for the diabled. Pete Wilson, when he was Governor in California, went on a crusade to close the Center for the Blind in Albany (a small city next to Berkeley). It was bizarre; the entire budget for the Center wasn't $500,000 a year--petty cash in California's state budget.

They're going after $75,000. Think about how fast the military is spending $75,000 in Iraq.