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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Off Playgoin'

I'll be a bit sporadic here the next 5 days due to a 2nd annual trip to Ontario's Shaw Festival. Getting to be a Playgoer tradition, perhaps. (Here are some posts from last year.)

I do hope to be blogging from there, but will be lucky to get out one a day. What's in store? Some Shaw, yes--Too True to be Good. You know, that one. Also: Ibsen's Rosmersholm, The Heiress, and, for fun, an Invisible Man adaptation. Also hope to catch a reading of the rare musical gem The Golden Apple.

So forgive me while I indulge my more old fashioned tastes and take in some free Canadian air.

Back to New York blogging by Tuesday. And there'll be plenty to talk about. Rachel Corrie previews start tomorrow.

1 comment:

MattJ said...

Really looking forward to hearing your reactions to the Shaw this year. Especially ROSMERSHOLM which is one of my favorite, underappreciated, Ibsen plays.