The Playgoer: yet more "Corrie" roundup

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

yet more "Corrie" roundup


  • John Heilpern, NY Observer.
  • Philip Weiss--who penned the big Nation exposé on the controversy back in April--follows up on his Observer blog.
  • And the prize for most surprising positive review goes to...Ted Merwin of Jewish Week!


Mike Mariano said...

Why be surprised by Ted Merwin's review? All three of your listed positive reviewers are Jewish.

As your posts have demonstrated, this controversy has always had more to do with James Nicola's absurdly cautious imagination than any real reflection of "the Jewish community."

Anonymous said...

And arguably, Jeremy McCarter's bizarre need to call for political balance in the play --essentially what he's doing at the end of his review -- is a refelection of non-Jewish anxiety about sounding too pro-Palestinian. (Teachout is just cruel. Don't like the play -- fine. But heaping scorn on a killed young girl?) Both get their politics wrong out of ignorance. The MAJORITY of Palestinians ARE engaged in non-violent resistance, though Teachout finds that to be an impossible statement and what is happening in Gaza, even according to Israeli accounts, IS evil-- evil in the sense that a 23-year-old American would use the word (i.e. 'terrible'), not in a religious sense.