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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chicago Theatre will debut "Springer"

Believe it or not, the UK hit "Jerry Springer: The Opera" has been deemed too hot to handle by Broadway producers. Previous announcements of Broadway plans, and even a San Francisco run, have just dissipated. The show has already been protested by religious-right groups in Britain. After all, there is a scene with Jesus in hell. And plenty of rousing obscenity-filled choruses.

I'm surprised none of our larget nonprofits have landed it. Maybe the original creators and producers are still holding out for Broadway. But what, then, do we make of the news today that they have settled on the modest Bailiwick Theatre in Chicago for their US premiere. Perhaps a successful "safe" tryout there--Chicago, after all, is the home base of the real Springer show--is their best chance for a transfer?

Read about the deal in Playbill. And if you're a Chicago actor--send in your headshot! They're having an open call: "The show features 11 soloists, a chorus of 12, and two non-singing roles — Jerry Springer and his bouncer Steve."

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