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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Making the Call

Chicago Trib crit Chris Jones has a quizzical little piece reflecting on one of a critic's worst nightmares--getting it "wrong" in the view of history. Especially when you're the one who fails to recognize work that everyone later accepts as "genius."

Jones has fun with that word "genius" in particular as he quotes some of his early pans of Sarah Ruhl, when her work was only being done in Chi-town. Likewise Neil Labute. But, hey, don't despair, Chris. I know many here in NY that would hail you as prescient about both writers and appreciate the value of evaluating someone's work before the hype of success sets in.

It's worth noting the overall context of the article, which seems to be one in a series the Trib is running of critics second-guessing themselves. But I'm not entirely sure Jones really is disavowing his first responses. Is he?

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Art said...

I agree, Jones sounds a little sly in his concessions.

This reminded me of my favorite, honest and naked critical mea culpa I have read: