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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

REVIEW: Bhutan

My review of Daisy Foote's Bhutan. Under my non-Playgoer alias, that is.

I suppose readers should now factor this into anything I may say about the Voice these days. So be it.

Busy week!


Anonymous said...

Well, you're a better writer than Alexis Soloski, so good for you. But why go over to the dark side? Why work for a union-busting, increasingly irrelevant rag that used to be important and now is good for little more than paper-training a puppy? The Voice has dumped dozens of unionized staff over the last year and cut article pay-rates and homogenized all but local arts coverage with other New Times papers and firing lots of critics as a result. Plus their cover stories have become laughable fluff. I have worked in theater in NYC for a good while. My colleagues and I stopped paying attention to the Voice and stopped advertising in it. Feingold is still significant, agree with him or no, but overall the Voice has been killed by corporate greed. Sad.

Playgoer said...

Thanks, Webloge.Uh... "chuffed"? Please, this is a family blog.

Let me say that I count Alexis as a friend and I also happen to thinks she's a really good writer, and knows a lot more about theatre than the space-constrictions usually allow her to show.

Yes, the problems at the Voice disturb me. As I noted back when things went down there on September 1. Still, while the theatre page is not all it could be and not what it once was, the writers are still excellent and the coverage hasn't suffered from these changes quite yet.

Let's face it--Print Journalism everywhere are shitting their pants. Look at the LA Times today. Which means that in an area as vulnerable as the Arts, Newspapers are going to increasingly be NOT the place to look for real coverage.

Meanwhile, as any freelancer will tell you, print clippings continue to rule. So I have to say I'm glad I have one now.