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Monday, November 20, 2006

Quote of the Day

'The straight play is a very endangered thing on Broadway,' Hare says. 'But what I have found, with Plenty and with Via Dolorosa, is that if you are the one serious play on Broadway you get a fantastic audience because there are so many clever people in New York. They mostly don't go to the theatre - but they'll go once a year. And once you get that audience, they're the best audience in the world.'

- David Hare, profiled in the Guardian, promoting his new play over there even though it's opening here.

Some truth in that statement. About this elusive "smart" audience not going to the theatre in New York. He's right their "one play a year" this year will be his, if not the Stoppard. Last year it was "History Boys." In short--they're anglophiles.

(I do recommend the whole article, fine work by the Guardian's Gaby Wood. A meaty read--as in, a good few thousand words--taking us behind the scenes of the whole production with not just Hare, but Mendes, Julianne Moore, and the great Bill Nighy.)

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