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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Urinetown" people--pissed off!

Creative copyright battles continue.

Campbell Robertson reports today on director John Rando and his original designers on the Broadway Urinetown taking action against what they charge is flagrant copying of their work in productions of the show mounted by Chicago's Mercury Theatre and (get this) one Carousel Dinner Theatre in Akron, OH.

Insert dinner theatre joke here. (Bonus points for combining with Urinetown joke.)


Anonymous said...

And the production at Carousel Dinner Theatre was directed by original Urinetown cast member Jen Cody, who appeared with show both on and Off-Broadway and who is married to original Urinetown star Hunter Foster.

Anonymous said...

The director and designers were certainly paid for their work on the B'way show. Are they so lightly endowed with talent that they cannot secure other work? Are you all one trick ponies?
Get over yourselves, you sniveling insecure hacks. Your "precious" ideas are just that. Ideas. It's not like these other peole took work away from you. YOU ALL frankly ought be down on your knees thanking a diety of your choosing that you are able to make a living in theatre and not having to push turnips in the chow line somewhere dusty.
Even if the other theatres lifted moments wholesale from the original, take it as a compliment as having done something well that spoke to people. If they are guilty of anything, which I doubt, it would be of laziness in their own creative processes -- but frankly it was probably more the case of a producer who said " just make it like they did on Broadway". If any suits should be done it should be between producers. Be thankful you aren't in a corporation or academia where your ideas and developments are considered the property of the company or university.