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Friday, December 08, 2006

Billington in NY

Whether you end up agreeing with his reviews or not, reading the perspective of the veteran London critic Michael Billington on his visit to New York is intriguing.

Here, for instance, he's actually impressed how Little Dog Laughed and Regrets Only testify to a vibrant mainstream tatse for gay boulevard comedy. His reviews on the plays may be mixed, but his comparison of the current London and New York scenes on this issue is fascinating.

Now if we can only get Billington to see some shows downtown.

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parabasis said...

Well, there's the rub, methinks. There was a fascinating piece in the LA weekly about the State of Theatre as well, and I just have to ask when people talk about "Theatre" what exactly they mean. And in general, what they mean is semi-commercial work done in theatres with more than 100 seats. That's not really the only game in town.