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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Lennon" Envy?

Lennon: The Musical.
never forget...

As if McCartney and Lennon didn't compete viciously enough in real life, now Sir Paul won't rest until he too has a terrible musical about his life.

Sir Paul McCartney is planning a stage show based on his life, according to the Telegraph.

The UK paper quotes the former Beatle's cousin, the actress Kate Robbins, as saying that McCartney will approve the music and serve as musical director. The music is based on The Liverpool Oratorio — McCartney's first classical work, which he composed with Carl Davis in 1991 to commemorate his home city's 150th anniversary.

The story will follow a character named Shanty (a fictionalized McCartney) from his childhood in Liverpool up through his first marriage to Mary Dee (standing in for McCartney's first wife, Linda) and the birth of a child. The couple attempts to balance their family life and their careers.

Some never learn.

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