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Friday, December 01, 2006

"Special Theatrical Events"

More diplomacy over at Tony HQ:

The Tony Awards Administration Committee assembled for the second time this season Nov. 30. The Committee discussed the eligibility of nine Broadway shows that have opened so far this season....

Both Kiki & Herb: Alive on Broadway and the recently closed Jay Johnson: The Two and Only will be eligible for nomination in the Special Theatrical Event category.

Martin Short's show, on the other hand, will compete in (I assume) for the Best Musical nominations....Good news for Kiki & Herb fans, I suppose. The category is theirs so far for the taking. If the category even survives, that is. At least they are worthy of honor. Otherwise, based on recent years, the "Special" category is starting to resemble other meanings of that word.

See the full Playbill coverage for other Solomonic judgments handed down on questions such as: is the guy playing The Grinch eligible for "Lead Actor" even if his name isn't above the title???

1 comment:

Aaron Riccio said...

What makes The Two and the Only a special event, but not I Am My Own Wife? They're both one-man shows. Are people confused because Jay Johnson plays himself in the show? Does playing a real person -- if you are that person -- make it any less a play? (I'm also not too sure that it's a grab for Kiki & Herb against Jay Johnson... or at least, I wouldn't cast my vote for them. Not like I get a vote.)