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Monday, January 22, 2007

Chicago House Theatre (no, not Music)

A wonderful example of critic advocacy. Attention must be paid, says the Trib's Chris Jones, to the up and coming off-Loop, Complicite-inspired ensemble, House Theatre.

So far, I'm intrigued.

What do you make of this diagnosis of Jones's about the group's success:

At a time when young audiences demonstrably are rejecting stolid, text-based theater for more eclectic performance styles, the maturation of the House has excellent timing.

Like it or not, I think he's onto something.


Anonymous said...

Jones is right on the money in his continued rallying cry for The House. This company is (and always has been) pure theatrical firepower and I've found nothing in New York (or Chicago or anywhere else) than can compete with its particular brand of pulp artistry. The shows themselves thrillingly redefine what it means to produce original plays and the sky-high level of engangement and enthusiasm in its young audience must be witnessed to be believed.
For the uninitiated, explore every cranny of their website ( and cross your fingers that The House takes Jones' advice.

Tom said...

Ehh, I like their aesthetic, but this is nothing new. Jones has been woofing on them for years now. An actor friend sez that Jones is trying too hard to do for the Hiouse what Claudia Cassiday did for Wlliamns and what Richard Christiansen did for Mamet-i.e., be the guy who breaks the next big thing. That (and his massive critic's ego) may cloud his judgment a tad. whateves.