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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Final 11 Weeks!"

Have you seen this new ad tactic? They used it for Butley, too, right after it opened.

I don't even think Vertical Hour has yet played 11 weeks!

What's next? They're tearing down the theatre in two years, so buy tickets now...

On a related note, my favorite ad enticement is always "limited seating." Where in the world is this theatre with unlimited seating???


Anonymous said...

It's not a new tactic, in fact, it's really one of the oldest tactics in the book. They've been doing it for years.

Art said...

I also like the more specific ad copy:

"Best Seats Available for Tuesday, Wednesday Nights, Sat Matinees!"

Frank Rich also did a column once on the "Disappearing Balcony Syndrome." He was interested in how the Mezzanine seemed to be taking over large sections of what was once the Balcony.