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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Arts & Leisure Discovers Blogging!

Well, ok, I myself was lucky to get a mention a while ago.

But today the Times goes theatre blogger wild! Not only does Parabasis get cited by Campbell Robertson in his big feature on the puzzling flourishing of dramas on Broadway, but there's also this spotlight on some of our blogger colleagues, the four guys over at ShowShowdown (including Aaron Riccio, David Bell, and Patrick Lee) racing for the title of most shows reviewed in 2007.

Kudos to all.

Yet I'm dismayed that a line like this--in reference to the site's "rules"--still gets into such a piece: "No concerts, despite Barbra Streisand’s inherent theatricality."

Naturally, the "pull-out" quote in the print edition was the Barabara line.

So that's what the media still thinks theatre blogs are? Gay men ranting about Barbara Streisand?

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