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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

REVIEW: Gone [Village Voice]

My review of Charles Mee's latest, Gone--which I liked--will be in this week's Voice, and is now up online.

Not always a Chuck Mee fan, but it's a good production, and his ideas and romantic spirit can certainly catch hold sometimes.

And, man, those cats are creepy. (Yes, that is the official poster. Though they're barely in the show.)

Addendum: Wow, Jonathan Kalb (reviewing in the Times) seemed to hate the very things I liked about it! We both agree on Mee's essential worth and track record. And I do agree this is not one of Mee's stronger works. If I had a few more than 300 wds in the review, I would probably have gone further to "warn" the reader about there being not even a threadbare narrative and that the whole thing is a bit haphazardly put together. But somehow I didn't mind that, and I feel an audience that goes into it with an open mind not insisting on linearity and narrative might not either.

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