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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

RoadKill, continued

One thing not helping the uncertain state of theatrical touring is crooked and/or incompetent producing organizations like Baci's "Performing Arts Productions"--currently causing an uproar in the DC area over numerous cancelled (and un-refunded) productions. Read the exposé in the Baltimore Sun.

In a nutshell:

Ricky Wiles, an employee of Chevy Chase Bank, subscribed for the first time this season. Attracted by the lineup of shows, he paid $351.25 for box seats. "I'm a subscriber - supposedly - but no shows have happened," he said.

True, given this is all over "Aida" and some stage version of "Casablanca"(!) one might say he's better off. But he should definitely get his money back.
Then there's this odd course of events:
In the case of a revival of On Golden Pond, scheduled to open in Baltimore last November, the cast was to have included Richard Chamberlain and Hayley Mills. When the tour went out with Tom Bosley and Michael Learned instead, Baci removed the show from its seasons.

Huh? Chamberlain gold, Bosley poison? No wonder these Baci guys can't run their business. Go with Mr. C. and the crime-solving priest over the "Thorn Birds" guy anyday!

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