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Friday, March 30, 2007

Colonial Williamsburg?

Blogger Rocco comes to the defense of Adam Rapp--and a certain Burg.

I am absolutely done with Charles Isherwood. I find it ridiculous that he would even mention that [Adam] Rapp "spends a lot of time posing in funky bars in Williamsburg, Brooklyn". What the hell is that? Just like when JZ [Jason Zinoman?] wrote off all the plays of Elizabeth Meriwether as "merely stunts dreamed up in a half-serious bull session at a party in Williamsburg". Sure there are lots of things about Williamsburg to make fun of, but I don't see why the locale should be a hindrance to anyone's artistic merit. Especially when Manhattan has priced-out probably most playwrights under the age of Guare or Albee. I seriously take this type of attack as discrimination on young artists (whether they live there or not).
Indeed, I suppose if we are concerned with making theatre for a younger audience, then is it not appropriate for said theatre to address the sensibilities of the borough that younger audience happens to live in...?

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